what are you doing over here? (sickcitykid) wrote in socklops,
what are you doing over here?


Do you know Alexheartbreaker? I sure don't - he's CANADIAN! But his ego deserves some pulling-down, so here, motherfuckers.

Actual quote, iah! :O

And after Gerard finished, he said 'WOW THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL.' No joke. You think I would lie about something this serious? Ddntthnks.
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more like "five minutes ago, a grown man bricked in my mouth."
ROFLROFLROFL. ILU. How did you find this comm? It was pretty much made to entertain myself, I didn't even tell anyone about it. Heh.
i am the internet.
there is nothing beyond my gaze.
*bows to you* Oh holy interwebz.